9th Day of Christmas Gift, Songs, Images Collection

Ones the 25th is over, you ponder how to celebrate the following days focusing on the 9th day of Christmas. Many people consider the following days as the days of party, programs, shopping, good meals and church rituals. Sometimes you may think to celebrate the 9th day of Christmas slowly and steadily with full of enjoyment. Here are some 9th day of Christmas ideas that can help you to celebrate the day perfectly.

Your Favorite Activities:

Open your calendar and mark the 9th day of Christmas and include some of your favorite activities. Choose the activities with whom your family members are also familiar with. They must have a perfect day. One may like to sing, one may like to bake cookies and watching movies can give one pleasure.
9th Day of Christmas

9th Day of Christmas

9th Day of Christmas

9th Day of Christmas

9th Day of Christmas

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Opening Gifts Can Extend your day:

 After all the fun and activities you and your family members must be tired and want to go to bend right away. To extend the day make them open each of gifts their on each of the 12 days. So, you and your family engaged in opening gifts can enjoy the 9th day of Christmas fully.

Giving Gifts Makes the Day Special:

Every holiday or festival has a common relation with gifts. Give one gift each day of Christmas to your loved ones (family and friends). While purchasing gifts, have a look on your wallet. Do not waste too much money on the 9th day of Christmas gifts. Remember sometimes small gifts also bring much happiness. Your intention would be to spend as much time with your family as you can.

Meditation and Prayer:

Go to church on the 9th day of Christmas and engage in the ritual activities like prayers and meditation. That can make you and your family chaos free.

Singing Produces a Happy Day:

Singing always brings a state of happiness and festive mood to people. So, while doing the other activities like cooking, trimming the Christmas tree and wrapping gifts on the 9th day of Christmas, play songs and carols loudly. You can also sing songs to entertain your family members. It would be even a great idea if you sing with your family members.

Gratitude List:

The gift giving ceremony sometimes may disappoint you. Probably you do not get the gift you expected you do not get any gift at all. So, think about all the blessing you get every day. This way you can reduce your expectations. Every morning make a list of things that you get which everyone does not. Be grateful for the things you get in your daily life like a roof over your head, heat that keeps you warm, plenty of food, a car to drive and Jesus to pray. There are so many things you should be grateful to that without knowing you would turn the second page to write more.

Help the unfortunate:

Not everyone gets the chance to celebrate Christmas the way you do. So, help the unfortunate people like a single mother, an old neighbor and other people who do not have a family to celebrate. Invite them to your home on the 9th day of Christmas and make their day special too.

Do not forget to capture the moments in your camera. The 9th day of Christmas images would have the power to make your happy whenever you look at them.


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